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Brokers & Consultants

Amalgamated Life knows what it takes for a broker to succeed in today's competitive market. It takes drive, knowledge and the right partners.

Brokers and consultants who rely on Amalgamated Life recognize the win-win value proposition we offer.

For starters, they truly understand the value of our consistent, A.M. Best "A" (Excellent) rating and what it means in terms of our strong fiscal performance and excellent claims handling.

They realize that they and their clients - from Taft-Hartley multi-employer trust funds and private/public companies - will benefit from our extensive portfolio of feature-rich, competitively-priced insurance solutions offering flexible benefit options and vital protection.

They understand the value of our flexible, responsible and regional underwriting; nationwide coverage; and attractive broker commissions and compensation.

They appreciate our clearly-written, easy to understand product information, communications, and secure, online tools to help better serve their clients.

They know they can count on Amalgamated Life's knowledgeable insurance professionals to help them execute an RFP that gets the job done.


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    By John Thornton, EVP - BenefitsPro Daily - May 2014

  2. Affordable Care Act Places The Spotlight On Medical Stop Loss
    By John Thornton, EVP - Broker World - April 2014
Group Insurance
  1. Group Disability
  2. Group Life
  3. Medical Stop Loss
Voluntary Insurance
  1. Disability
  2. Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  3. Workers Life Plus
  4. Whole Life (ELO)
  5. Dental
  6. Vision
  7. Legal