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Life Insurance Coverage

Life insurance is essential to protecting the financial well-being of working men and women and their families. It's a benefit that can translate into peace of mind and security.

Our basic group term life policy covers all eligible, actively at work members. An Amalgamated Life group term program offers the following features:

  • Flexibility in the choice of benefits amount
  • Conversion to individual permanent policy, without medical underwriting
  • Experience rated contracts for large groups
  • The security of an "A" rated company

Additional Coverage
Any of the following optional coverages can be added to the basic group life plan for an additional cost, making your benefits programs even more attractive to your members:

  • Dependent Life: Members can purchase additional term life coverage for their spouse and/or children. The member’s spouse can be covered for an amount equal to 50% of the member’s coverage up to a maximum of $100,000. All of the member’s children can be covered for as much as $4,000 each.
  • Retiree Life Coverage: Employers may choose to offer additional insurance to retirees up to 10% of the active group population in accordance with the group’s retiree benefit. Usually coverage is only for the retiree and does not include spouse or children.
  • Supplemental Life: Used in conjunction with group term life, supplemental coverage helps increase financial security and peace of mind, and is available to members and their dependents on a contributory basis.

       Contract Form#: ALTLP-05 or state variations.

       Not available in all states.

Please contact Amalgamated Life for state variations.