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Voluntary Insurance Products

Voluntary Insurance Products Offered Through our Worksite Marketing Division

For many workers, a group term life insurance policy is the only life insurance they have. Voluntary benefits are one of the best values offered to workers to help them improve their financial security.

Our enrollment process has a minimal impact on your operations and can have a positive impact on your workers' perception of company benefits. The voluntary insurance program also provides flexibility to insure not only the employee but also their spouses, dependent children and dependent grandchildren.

Amalgamated Life voluntary insurance products are priced with the financial realities of working people in mind. We will help you implement an effective voluntary insurance program that combines our expertise in efficient administration and excellent service, backed by the financial integrity our clients deserve and expect.

Our voluntary insurance products include:

  • Workers Life Plus (ALGDTP-09)
           Critical Illness Protection (Rider ALTLLBRC-07) or state variations

  • Short-Term Disability - (AMINDDI-10)

  • Employee Life Option (ELO) (Policy Series END-95 (ESO) (9/00))
    Underwritten by Boston Mutual Life Ins. Co. in partnership with Amalgamated Life
    • Payer Waiver of Premium
    • Accidental Death Benefit (ADB)
    • Children's Term Benefit (CTB)

  • Dental - a Guardian product

  • Vision - Underwritten by National Guardian Life (NGL)

  • Legal - Underwritten by Virginia Surety Company or Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

  • Accident - Pending NYS Insurance Department approval

  • Critical Illness - Pending NYS Insurance Department approval

For information on Voluntary Insurance products participants may call 1-888-975-4089.

All products may not be available in all states.
Policy numbers may vary by state.

Please contact Amalgamated Life for state variations.