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Voluntary Insurance Products

Workers Life Plus (ALGDTP-09), or state variations.

Decreasing Term Insurance - Protection while employed. The premium remains the same for the life of the policy and the benefits reduce with age. Term life benefits are greatest when you are younger - and need the protection the most.

Options available

  • Add coverage for spouse and/or child(ren)
  • Add critical illness benefit (Rider ALTLLBRC-07), or state variations. Triggering illnesses may vary by state.
    The critical illness benefit gives you a lump sum payment upon diagnosis of cancer, heart attack, stroke, paralysis, coma, renal (kidney) failure or organ transplant, or if confined 30 consecutive days in the hospital. The life benefit is restored two years after the member returns to full time employment. If the Critical Illness Benefit is used, the death benefit is reduced by that amount. Because premiums are group rated, employees may be able to purchase coverage through this program at a lower cost compared to obtaining it on their own.

Short-Term Disability - (AMINDDI-10), or state variations. Group members receive income protection for non-work events, such as an accident, illness or pregnancy. Benefits and duration can vary up to two years.

Employee Life Option (ELO) (Policy Series END-95 (ESO) (9/00))
Underwritten by Boston Mutual Life Ins. Co. in partnership with Amalgamated Life
Interest sensitive life insurance provides cash value accumulation based on a fixed low interest rate.
The ELO Basic Plan provides current interest rates on your policy's value. This means that along with guaranteed premiums and guaranteed coverage you may also benefit from competitive interest rates.

Options available

  • Payer Waiver of Premium
  • Accidental Death Benefit (ADB)
  • Children's Term Benefit (CTB)

Dental - Insured by Guardian Life and covered through Guardian-s Managed DentalGuard HMO Network which protects over six million employees and their families at 120,000 companies. The Plan covers a wide range of dental costs, from periodic dental check-ups to preventive treatment and major surgeries.

Vision - Underwritten by National Guardian Life (NGL), a national vision company. The vision plan utilizes the Avesis vision care network comprised of over 25,000 independent practitioners and commercial retail chain locations across all 50 states. You can choose to receive your vision care through independent optometrists and ophthalmologists, national and regional retail vision centers, as well as out-of-network providers of your choice.

Legal - The Voluntary Legal Benefits Plan, provided by Legal Access Plans, LLC, is underwritten by Virginia Surety Company or Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. The Plan offers affordable legal services, consultation and advice provided by high quality attorneys. You gain "paid-in-full" legal services for such basic and common.

Accident - Pending NYS Insurance Department approval.

Critical Illness - Pending NYS Insurance Department approval.

All products may not be available in all states.
Policy numbers may vary by state.

Please contact Amalgamated Life for state variations.